NPR Thinks Iced Coffee’s Cool, And Other Bad...

NPR Thinks Iced Coffee’s Cool, And Other Bad Headlines

From our ever-expanding MSM “bad coffee pun headline” department, a pretty-darn-not-bad feature out of NPR NYC, authored by “All Things Condisered” host Amy Eddings and featuring an interview with Dallis Bros. gal-about-town Teresa von Fuchs:

Teresa von Fuchs, the coffee and espresso consultant for Dallis Bros. Coffee, thinks cold-brew is unfairly getting a cold shoulder: “When you taste them side by side, I think both ways are equally good. Just different.”

She met me at Root Hill Café in Gowanus, in Brooklyn to demonstrate. We sampled a Colombian coffee, Cerro del Reyes, made two ways — cold-brewed, and hot-to-ice brewed. We sampled them at two temperatures, room temp and with ice, the way you’d get it if you ordered an iced coffee.

…My view? I prefer the hot-to-ice brewed coffee better. But I can see von Fuch’s point. Both methods made a solid glass of iced coffee, expressing something different about the bean in the same way that different hot brewing processes — pour over, percolator, espresso — do.

The article, unfortunately titled “A Hot Debate over Cold-Brewed Coffee”, also includes this intensely popular Japanese Iced Coffee Method video from Peter Giuliano and Temsy Chen, which has been blogged and reblogged around the world, with views ranging well past the 30,000 mark:

30,000 views and counting, as it’s now been included in Oliver Strand’s latest feature for the T Magazine blog, ominously entitled “I Know What You Did Last Summer“.




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