So there you are, you finally got the espresso machine of your dreams, you got your Linea Mini (or in my case, a GS/3, because there are always pop-up dreams lying dormant in my subconscious). It’s unboxed and set up on the counter, ready to deliver that first glorious shot… and now what? These machines are magic, but they aren’t automagic. You need to learn how to use it.

Luckily, Accademia del Caffè Espresso has got you covered. La Marzocco’s cultural hub has released an all-new E-learning Espresso course, an expansive new 16-chapter curriculum that’ll teach you everything you need to know begin your home love affair with espresso.

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The online course, the Accademia’s first, was designed by their Coffee Education Leader Nora Smahelova. It consists of over 70 training videos comprising more than five hours of content, broken down into 15 different chapters. (The 16th is a finals test.) Topics include introductory discussions of espresso and its history, coffee growing and processing, roasting, and setting up the espresso machine as well as more advanced curriculum on extraction, pressure profiling, milk chemistry and latte art, and machine maintenance.

e learning espresso 3
Nora Smahelova

The expansive content was created to be useful to all home baristas, regardless of where they currently are on their espresso journey. “This course was conceived as a point of reference for anyone who just wants to improve their coffee experience at home starting from a greater knowledge of the raw material,” says Smahelova.

The course is self-directed and allows users to go at their own pace, giving them up to a year to complete all 16 modules. “We decided to create a course that could be enjoyable online, accessible anytime and everywhere,” Smahelova states.

E-Learning Espresso is currently accepting enrollments via the Accademia’s website for €295 ($313 USD), which will grant you a year’s worth of access to the platform and all the video content. For more information, to view the full curriculum, or to register for the E-Learning Espresso course, visit the Accademia del Caffè Espresso’s official website.

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