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In our first Coffee Design feature to highlight work from brand-mad Australia, the team at Rumble Coffee Roasters in Melbourne are getting shown off here at Sprudge on account of their distinctive package. Taking cues from Portland, Oregon’s Stumptown Coffee and their iconic “kangaroo pocket”, Rumble Coffee Roasters places coffee information on a full-color insert with images of gorgeous wildlife, incorporating colorful photography with tasteful branding. We think this look is a real knock-out.

As told to Sprudge by Joe Molloy.

When did the coffee package design debut?

After six months of design and development, the bags arrived in mid-July.


Who designed the package? 

All of our design work is done by our good friend Jess of The bag was the first of its kind in Australia so Jess worked closely with the guys at Coffee Bags to make sure it would all come together.

Any design highlights you want to share?

The printing is a simple two colour job of black and Pantone 86.

The main point of difference is the slit on the front of the bag to hold our coffee card. This was the tricky part to get right.


Please describe the look in your own words!

We wanted a bag that would sit proudly on the shelf, displaying Jess’s great design work. Our boxing glove logo wraps around the base and sides of the bag. We think it shows the bag is packed with beans, ready to explode out.

We buy lots of coffee to drink at home and a pet hate is when the tie falls off after two days. Happy to say our ties are super tough and hold up to being reused for the life of the coffee.

What coffee information do you share on the package? What’s the motivation behind that?

We design and print a coffee card for each of our coffees and blends. This card has varietal, processing, and altitude information. We also include as much as we can about the farmer or washing station. We see each bag of coffee sold as a chance to teach someone something new about coffee. It’s also great for our own learning when we put the cards together.

We spend so much time on these cards and they get such a good response that we knew we needed to make them the focus of the new packaging.

The slit at the front of the bag is designed to keep the card secure and display it to the world.


Where is the bag manufactured?

The bag is manufactured in China.


What type of package is it?

The bag is a simple natural kraft bag with slit and tin tie. The printing for all our cards is by Print Together who specialize in affordable, environmentally friendly printing. They only use 100% recycled paper and vegetable-based inks.

Company: Rumble Coffee Roasters
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia
Design Date: July 2015
Designers: Jessica Kelly

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