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Have you always dreamed of re-enacting some TV show or movie or something, and moving to New York City? Are you just exactly like that girl from “Girls“, except without rich, connected artist parents in the fucking first place? Introducing New York Coffee Jobs, a brand new website for baristas considering making the big move to the big city. It’s also an excellent way for New York cafe owners and managers to avoid the now-dreaded Craigslist.

New York Coffee Jobs is a collaboration betweenย Shotzombiesย andย Joe New York. Inspired byย London Coffee Jobs, the goal is facilitate the connection between coffee professionals living in (or visiting) New York, and the cafes that require temporary and/or permanent assistance.

Current job offerings for baristas include work at the Grand Central Station location of Joe, and a position with Sweetleaf out in Long Island City, Queens. Cool! Now’s the time!

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