The Nuova Simonelli Mythos One Clima Pro grinder and Victoria Arduino 388 Black Eagle espresso machine launched at HOST last October in Milan. After a busy launch event at the London Coffee Festival, these cutting edge coffee machines are finally starting to land in the US, starting Tuesday, April 22nd with an event at the Counter Culture Coffee New York Training Center featuring four-time Irish Barista Champion Colin Harmon.

Photo of Mr. Harmon by Rob Dunne & DunneFrankowski.

Mr Harmon has been working with the new Mythos One Clima Pro grinders at his shop 3FE in Dublin during the machine’s development. He will be on-hand in New York to make coffee on the Clima Pro and Black Eagle and discuss his experience with the gear.

The Mythos One Clima Pro grinder uses a combination of aluminum heat-sink, active heating element, and multi-stage fan exhausting to keep the grinder within a tight operating temperature window. Much to-do has been made about the insufficiencies of current espresso grinder technology, and the Clima Pro is Nuova Simonelli’s attempt to address some of these problems and bring more consistency and less waste to espresso preparation.

The Black Eagle, also developed by Nuova Simonelli but launched under their Victoria Arduino brand, is their repacking of their World Barista Competition standard Aurelia II T3 technology into a low-profile chrome body, with the addition of gravimetric technology to control extraction based on shot weight. The machine was developed in partnership between James Hoffmann and Nuova Simonelli, who administers the historic Victoria Arduino brand. James Hoffmann will be formally introducing Black Eagle to the US market in Seattle, Washington on April 25th at Roy Street Coffee & Tea in Seattle.


At the Black Eagle debut in London, at Prufrock Coffee.

Mr. Harmon and the Clima Pro will be touring the US, landing next at the new Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Co Regional Training and Community Coffee Center in Kansas City’s historic River Market on April 23rd at 6:00pm, and in Oakland at Blue Bottle Coffee’s Webster Stretet cafe and roastery from 7:00pm-9:00pm on April 29th. The New York event will run 3:00pm to 6:00pm April 22nd at the Counter Culture Training Center in Soho.

As a bonus, the NYC Clima Pro event is scheduled to end just in time for you to hop the L train to the G train and make it to Greenpoint for famed Norwegian roaster Tim Wendelboe‘s talk at BÚÐIN starting at 6:30pm. More details and ticket purchases for that event can be found here.