In the ratings-driven gig economy, drivers have taken to offering a number of amenities to their passengers in hoping of securing the vaunted five stars (and perhaps a nice tip as well). Bottles of water, snacks, hand sanitizer, phone charging stations, even control of the music are all frequently on the menu. I was once handed a bucket hat full of loose Skittles by the Lyft driver taking me to the Expo afterparty in Atlanta, and that was somehow the most sane part of the experience.

But of all the things I’ve been offered while being chauffeured from point A to point B, coffee has never been one of them. That changes now, thanks to the DVC Coffee Car, an in-car coffeemaker, and it’s live on Kickstarter now.

The DVC stands for Desirez Vous un Cafe, translating from French to mean “would you like a coffee?” and Parisian-designed machine touts itself as the “world’s first car coffee machine with a connected screen.” The pod-powered coffeemaker attaches to the back of a car seat headrest, allowing passengers in the back to help themselves to a jaunty little espresso. All they have to do is pour in a little water, place a cup below the spout, and press the start button. DVC is also capable of making tea and hot chocolate, depending on the pod selected.

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The patented design also features a touch screen that allows passengers to follow the journey to their destination in real time, make reservations, watch TV and movies via Netflix, and “discover shops [and] local businesses.”

This all sounds great, really, but I have questions. First and foremost, is it compatible with all pods? Like, can I bring my own Colonna Coffee to suit my rather particular transit tastes? Am I going to get a splurt of hot espresso in my face or lap or anywhere really if I try to get a little mid-ride pick-me-up while the car is moving? This all seems very European, suited to the sort of car service you would reserve to take you from Heathrow or Charles de Gaulle, but given the nature of the (some would say) aggressive driving style I’ve experienced while being taxied around the other side of the pond, the likelihood of all or most of the espresso safely making it to my mouth is… uhhhhh sub-optimal. Will there at least be a Tide pen to help get out all the new coffee stains? Maybe some aloe to soothe the 1st degree burns on my hand?

These are perhaps all trivialities that’ll get worked out in post, but first, the Kickstarter campaign needs to reach its €15,000 (roughly $16,000 USD) goal. As of press time, the DVC Coffee Car has raised €336 of that goal with three weeks remaining. Would-be backers can snag sizeable deals via the crowdfunding campaign, with mega early bird specials offering units for €474 ($507 USD), 40% off the €790 MSRP. Should the campaign reach its goal, rewards are expected to begin delivery in March of 2023.

Am I concerned about making coffee in a moving vehicle? Yes. But will I do it anyway at the first opportunity I get? Also yes.

For more information, visit the DVC Coffee Car’s Kickstarter page.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.