Breaking via the Hot Holiday Collabo Info Wire, our friends & partners at Madcap Coffee Roasters in Grand Rapids & Washington DC have teamed up with Ebbets Field Flannels, purveyors of fine sports throwback jerseys, hats, jackets and ephemera from 20th century sport. Based in Seattle, Washington, Ebbets’ focus is on sports teams from a bygone era, including Pacific Coast League and Negro League squads from the American history books. Made famous in no small part from support by stars like Spike Lee and David Letterman, EFF jerseys and hats have been featured on big league diamonds and in numerous films.


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This collaboration between Ebbets is their first foray into the coffee world, and it’s a perfect fit for a quality-focused brand like Madcap, whose distinctive design is anchored by the work of Seth Herman & Chuck Anderson for Madcap. We reached out to Mr. Anderson via email to for this story.


Madcap has always been first and foremost about high quality. Everything from the coffee to the packaging to the chairs in the shop to the website and everything in between, we’ve always been careful to take our time, be mindful about our choices, and purposeful in execution. When the idea of doing hats came up, we knew we wanted to do something special with them…something more than just slapping the logo on a black hat and finding the cheapest possible option.

Ebbets Field Flannels is a company that aligns exactly with all of these ideals and we knew we had to work with them on this hat. Ebbets is obsessed with the concepts of bespoke tailoring, hand-made, finely crafted objects and so are we -so this collaboration just made perfect sense. We were able to select everything on this hat to exactly our specifications: the fabric of the hat, the bolt, the Madcap embroidery on the side, colors of eyelets and the top button, the material on the strap and the clasp, even the color under the bill and our classic fabric packaging label from the bags on the inside of the hat alongside the Ebbets logo. All in all, one of our favorite projects to date.


Ebbets Field Flannels x Madcap Coffee hats are now available via the Madcap Coffee webstore for $45.

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