The 2013 Japan Aeropress Championship takes place on May 17th at Fuglen, in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. Kenji Kojima of Fuglen Tokyo and Noriko Sunaga of Manly Coffee in Fukuoka have organized the event and commissioned Norway’s Kaffikaze to design the poster you see above, which is easily one of the more striking specialty coffee event images we’ve ever seen. Norwegian Brews Cup finalist Ingri M. Johnsen (representing Kaffikaze and Solberg & Hansen, whose coffee will be used during the competition) was asked to be a judge at the event.

On being asked to judge, Kaffikaze, in a press statement said, “We were stoked beyond belief! Trip to Japan! We love Japan. We also love Aeropress. And we love Kojima Kenji san. And we love Fuglen. What’s not to love?”

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Kaffikaze gave us a bunch more detail on the inspiration:

For the poster, we knew that we wanted something truly iconic, and have it be a reference to something we all could connect to. The poster is our way of appreciating a great childhood – from Akira to GITS, NGE, the Matrix and finally to the Aeropress. All three of us are born in the eighties. We always have a strong focus on the conceptual in everything we do, so we wanted to make this poster without compromise. We decided that this composition and reference to Akira would do just the right thing. In addition, the color scheme and composition are reminiscent of the Japanese flag.

By juxtaposing an Aeropress with that which was already established by Katsuhiro Otomo we create something new. What is funny is that so many people have now asked for a red Aeropress –  hell, we want one! Lars K. Huse and Harald J. Vøyle, who made the poster, also made the award-winning book A-Z Coffee last year, and the same sense of style and precision that exists in A-Z Coffee is also inherent in the poster for the Japanese Aeropress Championship.” is set to bring you exclusive coverage from the upcoming Japan Aeropress Championship on May 17th, our first-ever Japanese specialty coffee event.


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