Big news here in Sprudge land, as we’re excited to announce two new additions to our growing international writing staff. The editors of this publication are enormously proud to be able to purchase and publish such a high level of writing talent from all around the world.

So today let’s add two more! First up is Liz Clayton, who will is joining as our New York City staff writer. Ms. Clayton steps in for Alex Bernson, who was promoted to a travel-heavy Assistant Editor position at Sprudge on back in early September. Liz Clayton is a familiar voice in these parts – revisit her past features here –  though her career as a coffee journalist pre-dates the existence of Sprudge by several years. She’s one of the originators of the discipline, an important architect for professional coffee writing and an original source of inspiration for Sprudge itself. Liz is also, of course, a published author, and she’ll continue to write her popular column series over at Serious Eats: Drinks. Liz Clayton’s contributions to our website have long been editorial favorites, and we’re excited (and more than little humbled) that we’ll be able to feature her byline much more regularly with our readers.

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Next up, meet Leif Haven, who’ll be serving as our first-ever Bay Area desk writer. Mr. Haven lives in Oakland, a city he documented in this well-received city survey from earlier this month. Leif also has the distinction of being the very first journalist to publish photos and details form inside Andrew Barnett’s Linea Caffe, scooping everyone from SF Weekly to Eater in the process. Originally from Wisconsin, Mr. Haven is a veteran of the Madison and Chicago specialty coffee scenes prior to moving to Oakland, where he now writes for SF Weekly and HTMLGIANT. His is a rapid succession to a staff position with Sprudge, which speaks volumes about how promising and professional of a writing talent we consider him to be.

Look for great writing from these new writers alongside our other contributors as part of the daily voice on, now 4 years old, still kicking and screaming, and firmly established as the most popular coffee publication on the planet. We’re able to hire writers because of the support of our ad sponsors; for a full list of these valued partners, please see the “Proudly Sponsored By” listing on the lower right-hand side of this and every article we publish.

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