Welcome to Podcast Week on Sprudge! The Sprudge Podcast Network is the coffee world’s largest, first, and frankly best audio hub dedicated to original coffee podcast content. Throughout this week you are invited to explore the wide world of podcasts on Sprudge, available now streaming wherever podcasts are found, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitchr, Podbay, and more.

Throughout this incredible Podcast Week, the focus has been squarely on the Sprudge Podcast Network, and the industry-leading slate of original programming from hosts like Cydni Patterson (Cascara), Ever Meister (In Good Taste), Umeko Motoyoshi (A Better Table), and Ezra Baker & Tymika Lawrence (No Free Refills). To cap things off let’s take a look at the show that started it all: The Coffee Sprudgecast.

The Sprudgecast is hosted by Sprudge co-founders Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen, childhood friends who created the very website you are presently reading all the way back in 2009. The show launched in 2016, and across the last five years has been presented in an ever-changing style, from in-depth guest interviews to special segments, live reports, radio plays, a European tour, spotlights on Sprudge’s major annual initiatives (including The Sprudgie Awards and the Sprudge Twenty), and even a bit of spooky true coffee crime.

Looking back at the last five years of the Coffee Sprudgecast, we couldn’t possibly play favorites—there are more than 90 episodes to explore, some intensely memorable, others we can hardly remember recording at all (but they were fun all the same). Below find just a few selected entries we recommend checking out for exploring The Coffee Sprudgecast.

The Panel (2020)

A live radio play version of Michelle Johnson’s “The Panel”, performed by audio actor Nova Omega. This story first appeared as part of our annual Halloween fiction compendium and got the full Twilight Zone treatment in this special episode.

Sprudge Design Awards 2023


The One With The Book (2018)

We made a book! We talked about The New Rules of Coffee, Sprudge’s first book, published by Ten Speed Press. This episode was sort of an inside-the-process look at how we made the book and why we like it.

The One At SXSW (2018)

Our hosts sound highly activated in this very special live episode, taped live from a packed room (remember those?) at the SXSW Festival in Austin (remember that?) in 2018. Guests included Mokhtar Alkhanshali of Port of Mokha, Brett Cannon of Department of Brewology, and Rebekah Miskin of NIGHT OWL.

The One Where We Look Back (2016)

Zachary and Jordan recall their childhood meeting at equestrian dressage and investment camp, and tell the story of the in-retrospect-boring suburban friendship that birthed a coffee website called Sprudge.

Explore every episode of The Coffee Sprudgecast right here on our podcast series hub. 

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