La Marzocco held their first-ever Out Of the Box event in the United Kingdom this past weekend at BL-NK in London. The shindig gathered together a host of coffee fans for an event offering the opportunity to try endless different roasters’ coffee, to check out all of the latest and greatest products from our partners at La Marzocco, Marco, and Modbar, and take in the excitement of the 2014 UK Latte Art Championships.


Out Of The Box is a recurring La Marzocco event designed to offer education, training, wider exposure and fun for all manner of coffee enthusiasts. We’ve covered Out Of The Box a number of times over the years, including this in-depth look at the experience last-year in Milan. The London event followed a similar format, with a wide array of educational opportunities and large rotating cast of different UK coffee roasters available at various brewing stations.



This UK edition of Out Of The Box also played host to a competition: the 2014 UK Latte Art Championships. Dhan Tamang of Caracoli Coffee took home first place in the competition, and will go on to represent the United Kingdom at the World Latte Art Championships this summer in Gothenburg, Sweden.


The latte art wasn’t the only draw at the event though–there were also all manner of cutting-edge and custom pieces of coffee gear with which to oggle, experiment, and play.




Crowds came, a champion was crowned, and much fun was had–it would hard to ask more of the inaugural Out Of The Box event in London, home to one of the most exciting coffee scenes in the world. You can expect more La Marzocco Out Of the Box events continuing to pop up around the planet–nay, the galaxy–as the global specialty coffee market continues to expand–we’ll see you at OOTB Moon Base 2025


All photos by Giulia Mule for