A quick update from your Trusty (and Chivalrous) Sprudge Intern: My time in Italy is coming to an end. In just 6 short days, I’ll be back in the US—you can find me this summer galavanting around the streets of Seattle. Starting in August, I’m proud to announce I’ll be joining the amazing team at Peregrine Espresso in Washington DC!

UKBC Champ John Gordon goes 3 for 4 – Our London correspondent Elyse Bouvier has the scoop on UKBC Champion John Gordon. This is Mr. Gordon’s third UKBC in four tries—a truly remarkable feat. His sensory-laden and meticulous routine combined with his magical beard conjured up a UKBC win and a place in the WBC Finals in Melbourne.

Symposium Colloquium: Experts Weigh in on Coffee Rust – Sprudge is pleased to bring you the first installment in our Symposium Colloquium video series, a collaboration with the SCAA Symposium. This video features James Hoffmann, Dr. Timothy Schilling, Dr. Aaron Davis of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, Dr. Chafumi Nagai, and Alejandro Keller of Finca Santa Isabel, Guatemala.

Great news out of Colombia – There are now four Plantations in Colombia that have been declared “rust-free.” More than 36,000 Hectares in total have been officially deemed rust-free—the first in Latin America. While this is great news, there’s still a lot of work to be done.

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World Aeropress Championship Event Announced In Melbourne, and There’s Ping-Pong! We’ll be there with our live commentary and DJ skills.

Alex Bernson on the Surf Cafes of NYC – Our staff writer Alex Bernson indulged his inner Pacific Northwest Chill and scoped out NYC’s three surf-themed Cafes. These are truly unique spaces, and as Mr. Bernson suggests, they help fill the void of relaxed coffee shop atmospheres in the Big City. Check out the photos of these surprising spaces, and join Alex as he finds a little slice of home. Cowabunga!

Four Barrel’s Bobby Valentino Bikes Against AIDS – Four Barrel Coffee’s “very first barista” Bobby Valentino has joined the AIDS/Lifecycle “Ride To End AIDS”. Our friends at Four Barrel wrote a post about the entire thing, including the fact that Bobby’s needs to raise a minimum of $3000 before June 2nd. More from Bobby:

“I just decided today (4/23/13) to do the ALC12 ride down to Los Angeles on June 2nd. That leaves me with less than 40 days to raise the minimum donation of $3000. I hope that all you, that I love, can help me out. I figure with all the people that I serve coffee, meet at bars, dance, ride bikes, flirt, cross paths we can fulfill this great opportunity to raise money for AIDS/ HIV research and aid. All donations big and small are greatly appreciated and push me closer to my goal. Thank you. Love you. Bobby Valentino”

This is a great opportunity to remind you that we’ll be Official Media Sponsors of the NYC AIDS Walk coming up on May 19th. Consider how you might get involved, and join us in supporting AIDS Walk New York – learn more here.

And now, Wild, Wacky, and Wonderful coffee news that starts with “W.”

Wendleboe Begins Shipping Worldwide – The day has finally come when you can sit down with a piping hot cup of Tim Wendleboe coffee at your local cafe or in your home. TW worldwide shipping went live on May 1— get a move on it!

Welsh Barista Woos Guests by Singing Opera – According to Wales Online, this Barista “knows how to espresso himself,” and he’s taking special requests.

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