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It’s a wide world of coffee out there, and is there to cover it all like a really comfy blanket on a cold November night. In case you were out living a life of leisure, here’s all the coffee news you missed in the last seven days, presented in technicolor.


Cape Town: Charlie Stewart brought us this list of five great coffee spots in Cape Town, South Africa. Mr. Stewart’s glimpse inside of Cape Town shows an exploding scene scene in what is surely a world-class specialty coffee city.

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Competition: caught up with recently-crowned Canadian Barista Champion Benjamin Put for this candid interview. Mr. Put represented Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters in Calgary, and he’ll compete next at the 2014 World Barista Championship in Rimini.

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Maria (Photo: Nick Cho)

Coffeeing: Los Angeles based blogger and coffee icon Maria Hill released the first episode in her brand-new series called “Hey Girl.” She teamed up with esteemed videoist and coffee-guy Nicholas Cho for a “Guide To Coffeeing.” The show was filmed at Cognescenti Coffee in Culver City and takes the viewer on a crash-course in “third wave” cafes. Hill discusses the subtleties of boutique menu ordering and the perfect outfit to pair with your coffee drink. So much fun packed into one little video.


Cats: We came out with this listicle of things that shocked some cats. Presented without further explanation, here is our listicle “11 Things That Totally Shocked These Cats.

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Comedy: Comedian Jerry Seinfeld was spotted filming yet another one of his “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” episodes at a great coffee spot. This time, Seinfeld chose Everyman Espresso in New York City, and owner Sam Penix caught the whole thing on camera.


Caffeine Crawling: co-founder, First Tiger, editor, and creative director Zachary Carlsen recently attended the Kansas City Caffeine Crawl. He survived – just barely – and he brought us this true story of his time in KC.


Check In: While he was at it, Mr. Carlsen put together this massive list of “17 Shops in Kansas City You Just Gotta Check Out.”  Hear that? That’s the sound of Kansas City perceptions exploding all over the US and Canada.


Chataro: Richard Sandlin brought us this fantastic feature “Tokyo’s Take On Bay Area Coffee.” Sandlin chatted with Chataro Mameoh, authors of the new book “The Third Wave Coffee.” The husband and wife duo is also noted for their work with SF based coffee folks such as Eileen Hassi of Ritual Coffee, Trish Rothgeb of Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters and CQI, and James Freeman of Blue Bottle Coffee.

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