Pressure + Flow

Los Angeles Sprudge readers, join us on February 13th at Siren Studios for the first event in La Marzocco’s mad-fresh “Pressure + Flow” series! P&F is an integrated day of learning and fun from our friends & partners at La Marzocco USA, featuring lectures, demos, and an “Espresso Machine Loveline” Q&A with noted La Marzocco tech guru Scott Guglielmino, “Dr. Drew of the gicleur.

This event in Los Angeles is the opening salvo of a 4-part series, with subsequent events scheduled for Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City. Here’s more on the programming from La Marzocco’s blog:

Each event will feature a day of learning, with presentations and hands-on guided learning experiences on emerging coffee topics:

PRESSURE: A guided hands-on learning experience with the Strada EP. Hear about how the Strada EP came to be, what we’ve learned about brewing coffee using the Strada EP as a platform, then spend time with the machine.

FLOW: This session will give an overview of water science, the interaction of coffee and water, and leave participants with information on how to test their water and make informed water conditioning purchase decisions.

The events will also feature a fun, interactive “Espresso Machine Loveline” session hosted by a special guest in each city, with answers by Dr. Scott Guglielmino. Bring all of those questions you’ve been too embarrassed to ask; no question is off limits!

Our own co-founder Jordan Michelman will play Adam Carrolla to Mr. Guglielmino’s Dr. Drew at the event in Los Angeles, so really, bring embarrassing and hilarious questions to ask us. “No question is off limits” means exactly what it sounds like.


These events are free and open to the public, but if you register early La Marzocco will hook you up with a free gift. Registration is now open for all 4 events via EventBrite.

Here’s the complete schedule for LM Pressure + Flow:

February 13th: Los Angeles, Siren Studios

February 16th: San Francisco, Guerrero Gallery

March 6th: New York, Location TBA

March 9th: Chicago, Ravenswood Events Center

Come to the event in Los Angeles and hang out with us!