Kaffikaze Presents: The Mile High Aeropress Club

Kaffikaze Presents: The Mile High Aeropress Club


Forget restaurants – airlines are notorious for serving up some pretty terrible coffees. This is why coffee enthusiasts the world over are forced to take brewing into their own hands. By now we’re sure you’ve heard stories, you’ve seen the videos – and now? You can join the club. The Mile High Aeropress Club is a Kaffikaze Facebook group that aims to celebrate the strange practice of brewing coffee via Aeropress whilst flying in an airplane.

Why, meet Aaron Keup! Mr. Keup, or “Chip”, brewed some Aeropresses alongside his charming flight attendant on a recent trip.


What we really want to know is, who exactly was the first person to brew at 30,000 feet? Does a “first” exist for this kind of thing, and can it ever be proven? We know the practice became more widespread after this feature ran in October of 2010, featuring Jason Dominy of Batdorf and Bronson brewin’ up a storm mid-flight. But he certainly doesn’t claim to be the first – and we want to know who was!

Write to if you’ve got scoop.

We will also accept your true tales of Aeropress airplane brewing gone horribly wrong, as well as cabin pressure adjusted brew methods. Does a wide-body Airbus A320 provide more room for brewing than a Boeing 757? And with our sense of taste dulled in-flight, what’s the best coffee to bring along? Are you hand-grinding in the terminal pre-flight? Or grinding and sealing at home?

For what it’s worth, we’d be just as happy to stay on the ground with this brewer…





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