This coming Sunday, June 25th there’s a massive Jura wine event series happening in Paris, Melbourne, Austin, and New York City. The event’s mission statement is simple:

“The Jurassic period in geology is named after a strata of limestone in the Jura mountains. Thus, without Jura, or its wine, we would never have had the gift to humanity that was Jurassic Park. It is important that we take a moment to celebrate this fact.”

And celebrate they will, with a night spanning three continents, drinking the wines of the Jura region in southeast France, near the border of Switzerland. Jurassic World will feature a range of cuvees from top producers from a cross the region—a crash course in the wonders of Jura wine—including (as per the event) “Tissot, Ganevat, Château d’Arlay, Didier Grappe, Domaine de la Pinte, Lucien Aviet, Gahier, Bornard, Puffeney,” and surely more, including harder to get wines from this small, charmed corner of of the world.

The dress code is “dinosaur and / or Jurassic Park inspired,” and the event takes place in New York at Compagnie des Vins Surnaturel (249 Centre Street, tickets here), as well as at the Vins Surnaturels location in Paris (7 Rue Lobineau, event on Monday “due to conflicting Frenchness”). In Melbourne it happens at Fitzroy’s Bar Liberty (234 Johnston Street), and in Austin at Buffalina (1519 E. Cesar Chavez Street) and Buffalina Due (6555 Burnet Road).

But we’re not only reporting on Jurassic World here on Sprudge Wine because the events sound fun, nor in anticipation of the promised fried Comte Dino Fingers and passed ROAR-d’oeuvres. I felt compelled to write this story because the Jurassic Park event’s Instagram account is, in the pantheon of funny wine Instagrams, so very truly Bizarre and Good; it is my favorite wine Instagram right now, and perhaps speaks to a wider cultural moment worth celebrating. Wine, as you might have heard, has long held a reputation for being stuffy and lame, and so when you discover some weird shit that feels like it embodies the oddball joy of open-minded wine drinking here in 2017, it’s worth showing to as many people as possible.

The @JurassicParkPopUp account chronicles the journey of a literal dinosaur across cities around the world, chronicling its enthusiasm for the wines of Jura. Captions are written by the dinosaur itself, with text in breathless all-caps, so as to denote the prehistoric animal’s enthusiasm. The dinosaur then attends these parties and drinks wine with the assembled guests, many of whom are dressed as characters from the Jurassic Park films. It’s all just so phenomenally funny and stupid and enthusiastic—a good time 30 million clavelin in the making.

THESE MOVES ARE DINO-MITE 🐉 #jurassicparkpopupnyc #holdontoyourbutts #allofthejura

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I had to learn more and, if possible, interview the wine dinosaur. And so I got in touch with Caleb Ganzer, the Wine Director & Managing Partner at Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels, who graciously provided provided me a contact for the great lizard. We spoke digitally from Manhattan and Portland, Oregon, respectively.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. 

ROAR 🐉#jurassicparkpopupnyc #allofthejura #holdontoyourbutts

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advert new rules of coffee now available


Hello dinosaur, and thank you for speaking with Sprudge Wine about your upcoming event.


This is the second annual Jurassic Park-themed wine pop-up you’ve hosted, and this year it’s happening all over the world. What are you most excited for? Mags for days?


I’ve enjoyed watching you, a dinosaur, cavorting around Manhattan on a Citi Bike, ostensibly to promote this weekend’s Jurassic World wine event. As a dinosaur, is it difficult for you to operate a bicycle?


And when you run wild and free through the streets of New York in this manner, are you worried at all about being stopped by…I don’t know, the urban Game Warden, or the Port Authority or something? It seems like a liability, for you, a Dinosaur, to roam free in Manhattan with a bottle of Ganevat.


Thank you. I understand that you invite your guests to dress in Jurassic Park themed garb at these events, is that correct? Perusing Instagram, I’ve spotted a Dr. Ian Malcolm, a fine John Hammond, and even the Thirstysaurus, which I assume is one of those mutated dinosaurs from the third film. Is this weekend’s Jurassic World event also a costumed occasion? [firmly] “ROAR! ROAR!”


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Jancis Robinson calls vin jaune “the most highly prized liquid form of Jura gastronomy.” I know you’ll have a number of vins jaunes on offer at these events, but I’m curious: as wine tastes shift and wine drinkers become more familiar with the stunning range of wines from the Jura, does vin jaune still hold its place at the top of the region’s wine hierarchy? [considering…]


For what it’s worth I agree. The list you had at your event last year was pretty epic: multiple Fan-Fans, rad stuff from Ganevat, Alice and Charles Bouvot at L’Octavin, foxy bottles of Bornard, and much more. Will the showing be similar or larger for this weekend’s event? And what about Overnoy or Domaine Des Miroirs?



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One last question. Your hashtag implores us to #holdontoyourbutts, a famous line from your biopic. I’m just wondering, how exactly should one be holding on to their posterior? Is it a hand-on-each-cheek sort of technique? Do I slip my palms into the back of my Nudies? What if I’ve only got one pocket on this pair of slacks?


Thank you.

Jurassic Work happens Sunday, June 25th in New York, Paris, Austin and Melbourne. Follow Jurassic Park Pop-up on Instagram for more details.

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