There’s a metric poop-ton of stuff going on next week in Boston during the 2013 Specialty Coffee Association of America expo event and United States Barista Championship. We’re having a hard time keeping it all straight, frankly, but expect a full preview of what to expect when you’re attending and where and when the action will be in the next few days.

But while we ready that preview, we want to call attention to a pretty interesting sounding series of lectures and side events happening all week long from Boston’s Barismo. They’re calling it “Origin Week”, and it’s being hosted at Dwelltime Coffee Bar (364 Broadway, Cambridge). More from Barismo’s website:

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The SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) is organizing an event in Boston that gives us an opportunity to pull in many of the people we work with.  With a continuing desire for transparency and giving credit where it’s due, we have arranged for a list of speakers and small events outside the trade show and competitions that regular people who love coffee can attend for free.

You know we are passionate, but these people are involved in much of what we do at varying levels.  Meet farm owners, mill managers, quality operations that represent small farmers and organize relationships, and others. Origin week highlights the people we work with to bring you coffee. These events give you, our local customers, a chance to interact and hear their story.

There’s a full listing of speakers and events available here. Highlights include a chat with Francisco Mena of Exlcusive Coffees, champion of the Costa Rica “Micromill Revolution“, and a discussion with Matthew Hodges of GeoCertify, an ambitious organization that seeks to bring traceability to the ECX and other projects.

Sign up here for tickets via EventBrite, and be sure to put Dwelltime on your “must visit” list for Boston – they’re one of the city’s best cafes.

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