Spotted today on the blogosphere, here’s lovely little feature from the blog Wanderlust on our Reykjaviking friends at Kaffismiðja Íslands:

If there is a drink that Icelanders are big fans, this drink is coffee!

Walking a few blocks away from the main street, in downtown Reykjavik and going up towards the cathedral (the place from where you have the beautiful view of the city!), we found Kaffismiðja, a small coffee place that looks like the house of a friend who lives with his mon. With such a cold weather, it was all we needed: a warm drink.

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Kaffismiðja not only serves coffee but they are a roastery as well. There are two machines in the middle of room.

Two machines? That’s news to us! When we visited Kaffismiðja after WBC London, Sonja Bjork Grant and Co. only had one single hot pink roaster in the front of their cafe. Now there’s two, cementing Kaffismiðja position as the most inimitable cafe on earth. The photo set that accompanies this blog post does a great job of capturing the cafe’s charm, comfort, and understated Icelandic sophistication.

Go read Wanderlst now, and learn more about Kaffismiðja Íslands by clicking here.

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