If there’s one thing we love, it’s innovation at a classic space. Over the last few weeks, Sprudge.com Portland HQ / Portland Visitation Road Team have noticed a couple of awesome new features at the flagship downtown Stumptown location, and well, it’s not enough that we’ve noticed them – we can in all honesty and good conscience vouch for their deliciousness and sincerely recommend you towards both.

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First, around 6 weeks ago DT Stumptown rolled out an on-tap version of their Stumptown Cold Brew. It’s pulled from an actual beer tap, with a wooden tap handle, and served tall in a pint glass with ice. There’s sort of the perfect amount of diffusion happening in that pint glass – the ice cubes mingling beneath the indoor heating blast of Portland’s First Cold Week – making for quite the refreshing sip.

Second, if you’re one of those Portland “east-and-north of the river” types who cross a bridge like once every other month, DT Stumptown is newly offering a curated slow bar in the back of the space. It’s sort of like a miniature version of the Stumptown Annex, but with a few select menu options applied to specific brew methods, including Clever, V60 and Aeropress. A recent Aeropress service of their Ethiopia Yukro yielded a pleasant acidity with you-can-really-taste-it notes of peach. In Sprudge’s ongoing narrative of “what’s the best thing we’ve tasted in x amount of time”, this Aeropress of Yukro is a clear contender.

DT Stumptown is at 128 Southwest 3rd Avenue, in frosty Portland, Oregon. Cold brew is available on tap every day, pour over bar open Fri-Sun through the holidays.

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