PDX: Downtown Stumptown Ups Its Game

If there’s one thing we love, it’s innovation at a classic space. Over the last few weeks, Sprudge.com Portland HQ / Portland Visitation Road Team have noticed a couple of awesome new features at the flagship downtown Stumptown location, and well, it’s not enough that we’ve noticed them – we can in all honesty and good conscience vouch for their deliciousness and sincerely recommend you towards both.

First, around 6 weeks ago DT Stumptown rolled out an on-tap version of their Stumptown Cold Brew. It’s pulled from an actual beer tap, with a wooden tap handle, and served tall in a pint glass with ice. There’s sort of the perfect amount of diffusion happening in that pint glass – the ice cubes mingling beneath the indoor heating blast of Portland’s First Cold Week – making for quite the refreshing sip.

Second, if you’re one of those Portland “east-and-north of the river” types who cross a bridge like once every other month, DT Stumptown is newly offering a curated slow bar in the back of the space. It’s sort of like a miniature version of the Stumptown Annex, but with a few select menu options applied to specific brew methods, including Clever, V60 and Aeropress. A recent Aeropress service of their Ethiopia Yukro yielded a pleasant acidity with you-can-really-taste-it notes of peach. In Sprudge’s ongoing narrative of “what’s the best thing we’ve tasted in x amount of time”, this Aeropress of Yukro is a clear contender.

DT Stumptown is at 128 Southwest 3rd Avenue, in frosty Portland, Oregon. Cold brew is available on tap every day, pour over bar open Fri-Sun through the holidays.



  1. Jamison Scott

    19 February

    We here at Black Tap Coffee in Charleston, SC have been serving our cold brewed coffee on tap since we opened a month ago. As you might deduce, the tap is our namesake. We played around with coffee under pressure but found that CO2 easily dissolved into the coffee and soured it out. Our voila moment occurred over beers at the local mico brewery where they had beer on cask. Following suit, we found an old beer engine that a pub in London was getting rid of and the system has worked beautifully. We let our customers juxtapose our cold brewed coffee on tap with our pour over Japanese iced coffee and they love it. Cheers!

  2. swagv

    13 December

    Even so, among the continent’s greatest coffee bars, Stumptown has been something of an underachiever.

  3. swagv

    13 December

    Even so, among the continent’s greatest coffee bars, Stumptown has been something of an underachiever.

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