This weekend, the senior editors of Sprudge tasked Charlie Burt of Kansas City to visit as many SCAA exhibitors as possible and drink all the coffees. This is no easy task. But in a few short hours, Mr. Burt was able to try ten coffees, brewed by ten different people using at least eight different brew methods (including brewers and devices that aren’t available anywhere). 

At the SCAA Event, manufacturers go all out. They will find the best baristas (like 2015 Brewers Cup Champion Sarah Anderson of Intelligentsia, pictured below) and source the best coffees during the three-day brewing event.

This is Charlie’s story. This is what Charlie saw.



What? Tres Santos, Colombia from Intelligentsia
How? Baratza Forte grinder ($919), Chemex, Bonavita kettle, Acaia Pearl



What? Gedeo Worka, Ethiopia from Klatch Coffee
How? Brewed with the Bunn Trifecta (around $2,800) served in Hario decanters

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What? Biftu Gudina, Ethiopia from Four Barrel
How? The SCAA Award winning Travel Espro (from $39)



What? La Esperanza, Colombia from Caffe Vita
How? SP9 (check resellers), Baratza Forte ($919)



What? Kii, Kenya from Pilot Coffee
How? Chemex/Hario V60, Modbar Pour-Over System ($6,200 Canadian dollars)

Wilbur Curtis Co.


What? Adado, Ethiopia from Copa Vida Coffee
How? Kalita glassware, Seraphim ($7k for the Twin, out in June 2015)

Acaia Corp.


What? Zongozotla Amarillo, Mexico, roasted by The Swell Cafe and sourced by IP Coffees
How? Hario V60, Acaia Lunar scale ($220), Baratza Forte ($919), Curtis WB5N water tower

Alpha Dominche


What? El Batan, Ecuador from Equator Coffees
How? Brewed on the Alpha Dominche Steampunk ($12-20k depending on number of groups)



What? Hachira, Ethiopia from Willoughby’s Coffee & Tea
How? Behmor Brazen Connected (Allows user to save custom brewing recipes to cloud storage and share with friends) coming to retail August 2015

Espresso Supply


What? Perci Gesha, Panama sourced and roasted by Ninety Plus Coffee
How? Kong Coffee brewer from Josh Taves of Novo Coffee, still in development. Bonavita kettle/scale, Baratza Vario-W

Charlie Burt is a Sprudge contributor based in Kansas City. Read more Charlie Burt on Sprudge.

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