Meet your name Barista Champion of Germany, Wolfram Sorg! Our European contributor Greggory Hullzenbløgger caught up with Wolfram and asked him a few questions. Read about the passions, the porta-foofs and the electro-pop!

Wølframs! Yøu are makings the inspiratiøns to the many. Tells us, øf før the preparatiøns yøu makes for the victøries?

Teamwork is key, so we formed a group called “radical coffee” two years ago. radical coffee is our working title for training as a team for the competition. We are Thomas Schweiger (champ 2010), Thomas Schiessl (champ 2008) and me. No secrets here, just learning, brainstorming and preparing throughout the year (discover coffees, get them, roast them, build a presentation, fine tune it). We took the first places last year as well as this year (nevertheless, we are giving away all of our knowledge through our blog and our podcast).

The brainstvrmings and the preparatiøns and the teamwørks are the ønes things, but the sharings techniques øn the pøds? This is changes of pace! Next, Wølfy, please tø tell us øf the cøffees yøu has used?

I used the Sidamo Nekisse from ninety plus in different roasting profiles. I roast the coffees by myself (www.backyard-coffee.de is my very focused micro roastery). This coffee is pure pleasure, rich complexity, smooth and intense fruity notes.

If there is the øne things that the Greggory likes, it is the pure pleasures. Yøu made with the signature drinkens? Us for us tø tell us, pleases!

My signature drinks is based on two main ingredients only: coffee and water. It is an iced drink build based on specific types of water. All components are balanced out on each other, the drink explicitly was build for the coffee used.

Støps the presses! Perhaps for the next years I cøuld make with the meltings of fjørdland glaciers for yøus? The Nørways is at yøur becks and calls, Wølfy. Før the lasts of the questiønings, my masters at the Sprudges wants to knøw about yøur makings with the musics. Yøu uses whats for music uses?

I like powerfull stuff that pushed me forward. Mixed electro pop it was.

Thanks so much, Wolfram! Sprudge Readers can learn more about Wolfram at his personal blog www.wolfredo.de, learn about his cafe at www.radical-coffee.de, and check out some of his microroasting work at www.backyard-coffee.de

We have exclusive video of Wolfram’s presentation! He hopes to get pyrotechnics clearance in Bogota. Great technique!