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This week is Negroni Week, brought to you by our friends at Imbibe Magazine and Campari. To celebrate, our partners at Madcap Coffee have worked tirelessly to create two negroni-inspired coffee drinks. Negroni Week inspires businesses to “drink to your cause”, and Madcap Coffee will donate a portion of their proceeds to Heartside Ministry in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

A negroni is equal parts sweet vermouth, gin, and Campari—it’s a simple cocktail on paper but deeply complex. A delicate dance between sweet, bitter, and oh, mama. The team at Madcap have created two coffee-forward, alcohol-free drinks showcasing a similar flavor experience and have shared their recipes with us at Sprudge. And now we’ll share these recipes with you so you can play along at home!

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The Antipodal

“We took the negroni and created its inverse with espresso — keeping the profile the same, but creating a stimulating coffee drink instead of a mellowing cocktail. The Antipodal uses a non-alcoholic red wine infused with quinine bark, raspberry leaf, and dandelion root for the vermouth, and a grapefruit and juniper syrup for the Campari. Our sweet and complex espresso represents the gin component.” — Trevor Corlett, Madcap Coffee


* Grapefruit-Juniper Syrup (recipe below)
* Double Espresso (preferably using Madcap’s Kathakwa, Kenya or similar)
* Infused Fre Alcohol-Removed Red Blend Wine (recipe below)

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The Build:

1. In shaker combine:

* double espresso
* 20 grams (0.75oz) of grapefruit-juniper syrup
* 20 grams (0.75oz) of Fre Wine Infusion

2. Fill shaker with ice.
3. Stir to chill.
4. Strain into rocks glass.
5. Serve.

Grapefruit-Juniper Syrup:

1. In a saucepan add the juice of one grapefruit (organic), equal parts filtered water, the grapefruit’s peel, and 3.5 grams of muddled juniper berries.
2. Add cane sugar equal to the amount of liquid in the saucepan.
3. Bring to a boil, let simmer for 8 minutes, and strain into bottle.
4. Label, date, and chill.


Fre Wine Infusion:

1. Combine into a saucepan 200ml of Fre Alcohol-Removed Red Blend with 3.5 grams quinquina, 3.5 grams dandelion root, and 3.5 grams raspberry leaf.
2. Bring to boil, let simmer 5 minutes, and strain into bottle.
3. Label, date, chill.

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Madcap Coffee will be serving negroni-themed beverages all week at their Grand Rapids, Michigan cafe HQ. Recipe for the Madcap coffee mocktail “World’s Collide” is available here on Sprudge.

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