Everyone remain calm, but a new set of coffee stickers have been released that will replace that boring old mug emoji you’ve been using in your text messages. 49 stickers in all, “Just Coffee Stickers” just drastically increased your coffee-texting vocabulary.

Created by Luzia Taschler — the 2013 German Aeropress champion and second runner-up in the 2012 World Latte Art Championship – Just Coffee Stickers features fun cartoon versions of all of life’s necessities (assuming that coffee is your life, and if you’re reading an article about coffee stickers, it’s a safe assumption to make). For brewing devices alone there are cartoon Chemexes, siphons, Aeropresses, V60s, Kalita Waves, moka pots, and French presses. And there is, of course, a handful of latte arts for you to choose from.


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Want to text your friend about that sweet Linea Mini you just got or about how you forgot to tare out your Acaia scale before weighing out the grinds from your Comandante hand grinder? You can do that. Or what if you want to tell your bestie that even though they spilled coffee everywhere, they’ll always be your barista champion? There are stickers for that. There’s even one of a cat. I don’t know why but shut up it’s great.

Just Coffee Stickers costs $0.99 and is only available for purchase on the iTunes app store. Sorry Android users, you’re just gonna have to keep using a very complicated calculus to express via text that your tips sucked because the customers didn’t appreciate your latte art and so you won’t be able to get that coffee tattoo tonight.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

*all images via Just Coffee Stickers

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