A true “microcafe” in the mold of Montreal’sย La Distributrice, meet Hawaii’s brand newย Central Cafe, locatedย inside the First Hawaiian Bank in Honolulu. It’s got it all – a La Marzocco Strada, pour overs, a Bonmac halogen syphon bar, and training/consulting from Blue Bottle Coffee. More from Honolulu Magazine:

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Max and Mary Suiter transformed the former broom closet into its current Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired space. Max and his brother, Raymond, started Honolulu Coffee Co., hence the attention to detail in the coffee and espresso drinks. The beans are supplied by Raymond, who started a roasting business after leaving Honolulu Coffee Co: The cafe uses mostly blends, including one with 100 percent Kona coffee. To accompany your cup, Cafe Central offers pastries primarily from Fends Boulangerie, supplementing the baked-goods case with blueberry doughnuts from St. Germain Bakery, banana bread from Cakeworks and oatcakes from Akamai Foods. Cafe Central also scoops Il Gelato gelato: An affogato (gelato with a shot of espresso) is a popular request here.

We just can’t get enough of it! A broom closet? Who would’ve thunk?

Cafe Centralย isย located at First Hawaiian Bank, 999 Bishop Street, Honolulu, Hawaii.

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