ElectionWatch: Unfiltered! Return Of The Obama Ble...

ElectionWatch: Unfiltered! Return Of The Obama Blend

Did you think the Obama Blend coffee gimmick was a thing of the past, like “hope” and “change” and Sarah Palin’s fake granddaughter? Well you were wrong, wronger than John McCain, because the 2012 election offers a brand new opportunity to blend together Hawaiian, Kenyan, and Indonesian coffee to form yet another Barack Obama blend.

More from Bittersweet: The Chocolate Cafe, who are also apparently coffee roasters, blah blah blah Levi Johnson:

We are proud to have created a blend in honor of President Obama’s 2012 campaign. This bold cup of coffee consists of 3 parts, Hawaiian, Kenyan, and Indonesian beans. The mixture of these beans gives an aroma of leather and rye. There is a savory quality reminiscent of chicory and roasted nuts. Smooth mouthfeel and forward acidity round out this cup. What we are getting: bittersweet chocolate, dried berries, toffee, and graham. And remember, made in America!

Whoa, “made in America” – we see what you did there.

This is all stupid because Barack Obama doesn’t even drink coffee – trust us, we’ve looked, and we would have written like 30 Obama-Chicago-Intelligentsia stories by now if it were possible, but the man’s just not into it. He mostly drinks tea. Our current / likely next VP, however, will totally drink some coffee with you, and may also want to make out.

Sourced by Sprudge Hot Tipper @MalloryRoth




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