The above video is just the latest in our ongoing series of original insider pro-tips. In case you missed the earlier SprudgeTips.

#1 – Chemex flush with a stylish touch.
#2 – Pop bottles off kilter with a portafilter.

This one comes from Scott Guglielmino of La Marzocco, who spends a lot of time on the road and occasionally needs to clean off a nasty old wrinkly dress shirt. Because he’s Scott from La Marzocco, he can show the world how to get a little laundry done with a Strada EP. Work.

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His journey, in photos:

Step one: Grab your nasty, wrinkled up dress shirt. With a little time, a little patience, and a powerful steam boiler, we’re going to turn tragic into magic!

Step two: Engage that steam wand, girl! Stay approximately four-six inches away from that tip, because you might get yourself burned! And you also might get that shirt all soggy. Steam up that fabric and snap it, releasing all those unrefined wrinkles. We said snap it, girl!

Step three: Don’t stop workin’ that wand all up and down the shirt. Then presto! You got a clean, fresh shirt and you kinda smell like lactose. FYI, if you don’t wanna smell like Grade A Strauss, use a little Puro Liquid Dairy Cleaner to rinse that wand out. That’s what we call product placement, y’all, plus it really works!

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