It’s always lovely to pair a delicious cup of coffee when a nice slice of cake. But there are times when your coffee calls for something a little stronger, like a big ole hunk of beefcake. For those times, you’re going to need this set of vintage bodybuilder mugs currently for sale on eBay. But you should act fast, before we decide that $200 isn’t too much to spend and buy them ourselves.

Created in 1978 by Enesco, the 65-year-old US-based maker of home décor items, gifts, and collectibles, this set of 10 mugs falls squarely in the middle part of a particular Venn diagram that some of the Sprudge editorial team trade in: coffee and gay ephemera. Per the seller TimeCapsule2000Antiques (and their 100% positive feedback rating), the ceramic mugs feature “an applied figure of a male body builder striking a modeling poise” and represent the largest collection of this particular mug set they have come across. The mug part of each item sits at 4 ¼” tall, with some of the bodybuilder handles eclipsing that height.

advert but first coffee cookbook now available


In assessing the state of the mugs, three have no chips and are like new with the remaining seven having “one or two ‘mostly’ shallow chips,” and only one of those having any cracks in the glaze. The seller does note that there are some factory imperfections—grains of ceramic sand inside the mug, cooling bubbles, drips in the glaze, etc—which are to be expected in this sort of vintage novelty item. It’s these tiny foibles that add to the character of the piece, not detract from it.

beefcake coffee mug 2
via timecapsule2000antiques on eBay

The set of 10 mugs currently has a Buy It Now price of $199.99. (Nine people are currently watching the auction, eight of whom I have no idea who they are.) Single mugs from the set, of Mr. Biceps and Chest Flex Yellow Speedo, have popped up for sale from time to time, ranging from $15 to $20, but none really in the quality of this current set on offer.

So if you feel like you need these mugs in your life, and let’s be honest you probably do, you should act now. Like, now now. I see an itchy scrolling finger and the soft glow of an open eBay window portending a soon-to-be-closed auction.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.