It’s Cyber Monday today, which means there are some gadzooks fabulous online deals out there for coffee shoppers and bean nerds. While your staff is currently preparing our Ultimate 2012 Holiday Coffee Gift Guide (to be released later this week), we definitely want to point you towards a special deal happening today and today only.

Espresso Parts is like the of coffee gear. They have everything, ordering with them is easy, and they basically invented the click-and-order coffee online emporium concept in the late 90s. Espresso Parts was the very first sponsor, and they continue being awesome. Many fine cafes – heck, probably your favorite neighborhood cafe – use gear purchased from Espresso Parts, and they’ve also got just about freaking everything for the home enthusiast, from kettles to grinders to nice home machines.

For today only, Espresso Parts are offering 25% off on a whole heaping ton of anything that doesn’t plug into the wall. Save like $15 on an upgradable Kino wood handle Espresso Parts Design 5 tamper. Pick up all manner of sweet cups, like these goodies from Offero or the classic brown-and-white demitasse set at outrageous low prices. Why not upgrade your scale situation to an Escali Pronto? Usually like $65, it can now be yours for closer to $50. Or maybe it’s time to really geek out about temperature profiling with a thermofilter Scace temperature device? You just saved like $75!

There’s tons more to choose from. Simply enter the code “EPYOLO” when you check out online. Go shop! Save 25%! YOLO!