With less than 2 days left to go, the boutique subscription service folks at Craft Coffee are just shy of reaching their goal on Kickstarter. Consider supporting this Sprudgie Award-winning company by checking out their Kickstarter here – it’s a project with three stated goals:

  • the most thoughtful, user-friendly brewing guides the world has ever seen.
  • web videos for brewing coffee every way you can imagine.
  • An open database with thousands of tasting notes from coffee evaluations. This will be the most in-depth open database of coffee tasting notes in the world (that we know of, at least).

The project has until Tuesday, October 9th at 12:30pm EST to be fully funded – backers receive a variety of prizes, not least of which being access to the monthly Craft Coffee tasting box, which really does feature some of the best microroasters in North America, and actually is a joy to receive each month. This feature is in no way sponsored or funded by Craft Coffee – we just think what they do is cool.

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Kickstarter here.

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