Beginning this Friday, March 7th, and on every proceeding Friday through the month of March, our friends and partners at Counter Culture Coffee are hosting a series of events at each of their eight training centers, in promotion of a concept they’re calling “Sustainable Spring“. These training centers — in Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York City, Durham, Washington D.C., and Asheville — will welcome in the public as they do every Friday for a public coffee tasting at 10am, followed by a diverse roster of sustainability-themed events to follow at 11:30am.


Here’s more on the first round of events, happening Friday, March 7th at each respective training center. Need directions and info on a specific TC? Simply click on the link for each city name – that’ll take you to a landing page with much more info.

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New York City: Composting. Join experts from NYC-based greenies Compost Assist for a talk on how small businesses can make the most out of composting while navigating restrictions and hiccups.

From “World’s First Look At The New Counter Culture NYC Training Center

BostonChocolate. Somerville, MA’s own Taza Chocolates will host a bean-to-bar chocolate info session, answering every question you ever had about chocolate sourcing, conching, and why it tastes great with coffee. Yes, there will be samples.

Philadelphia: Chickens. Urban cooping is a hot trend right now, and for good reason. Who doesn’t love having fresh eggs? But you gotta keep your ladies happy. Learn more from the experts at Farm 51. This is a session we’d love to attend!

Washington DC: Potato defect. The dreaded potato defect, once the common scourge of coffees from Burundi and Rwanda, has receded considerably in recent years, in no small part to the modern agronomy practices advocated by relationship-focused roasters and importers. Andrew Gerard of the Global Knowledge Initiative will give a brief lecture on potato defect’s history, cause, and current status.

From “Fermentation & Fruit Bombs: Washington D.C.

Durham: Beekeeping. Honey is one of the most wonderful substances known to man, good for allergies, nutrients, and just downright delicious. Keeping bees is not as dangerous as it looks, but it is just as fun, and Durham will learn all about it courtesy of Rex Williams at the Orange County Bee Keepers Association.

ChicagoWorms. Nobody likes me. Everybody hates me. Guess I’ll go grow worms…and make fantastic compost in the process. Vermiculture is something practiced at a number of Counter Culture Training Centers, and especially at the one in Chicago, where Urban Worm Girl oversees a wriggly, slimy bin full of nutrient-packed earthy wormy goodness. Worms are cool; worms are gross; worms are good for the earth!

From “Strada EP Tour Chicago: Ferris Bueller, Counter Culture and the Pink Line Train

Asheville: CSA sign-up. Have you ever subscribed to a CSA before? It stands for “community supported agriculture”, and it’s basically like a subscription service for fresh vegetables and farm stuffs. Counter Culture has a long history of helping their employees get in on the goodness, and at this event, folks can meet with the team at Flying Cloud Farm and learn all about the benefits of signing up.

AtlantaGardening. One of the many excellent things about Atlanta is that pretty much anything will grow there. The folks at Crop Mob – a self-described group of “landless and wannabe farmers” – wants to teach you all about urban gardening.

Learn more about the sustainability efforts company-wide at Counter Culture, including transparency reports and sustainability scorecards, by clicking here.

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