@kittiesncoffee cats and coffee kitties instagram interview sprudge

If you want to make the internet, you get a cat. Better yet, you get two.

But what’s even more powerful than a good cat photo? A cat and coffee photo, of course. Combining the two great loves of the Internet, California-based Lina Tomasetti runs the popular Instagram account @kittiesncoffee, where she features photos of, you guessed it, cats and coffee.

When she first started, “I would spend some time every day searching for cute kitty pictures on Instagram,” says Tomasetti. But now, @kittiesncoffee has gained a loyal following, with people submitting their coffee and cat photos on a regular basis. Turns out that there are a lot of cats out there with a serious coffee addiction.

As we are clearly cat and coffee lovers at Sprudge—I mean, you have all the t-shirts, right?—it seemed only fitting to interview Tomasetti about her Instagram account, and get her insight on just why everyone loves cats so much. So grab Mr. Mittens, brew a Kittymex and read on.

@kittiesncoffee cats and coffee kitties instagram interview sprudge

How and when did @kittiesncoffee get started and how has it evolved since then?

I started @kittiesncoffee late November 2014 after realizing that every other photo on my personal Instagram account (@lbtoma) was of me drinking coffee surrounded by my kitties. I’d say the account evolved in the last year significantly since there are so many pictures submitted under #kittiesncoffee, so it’s hard not to post multiple times per day and share the joy.

@kittiesncoffee cats and coffee kitties instagram interview sprudge

Last year we ran a piece about the Instagram account @menandcoffee, and I joked about launching something similar with a cat theme. Obviously you beat me to it! But what do you think it is about photos of cats and coffee that causes such a big reaction? 

Haha, that’s funny! I’m so glad I am not the only one who thinks that showcasing coffee and cats is a purrfect idea! My main goal creating the account was to share the cuteness overload and lift someone’s spirits. Works like magic every time.

I have people who don’t even like cats telling me they can’t stop looking at all these adorable pictures on @kittiesncoffee! So it’s a good example that no one can resist the cat spell. Oh and coffee, of course. It is scientifically proven that all these painfully adorable cat photos on the Internet help you concentrate more. So does coffee. Now just imagine cats on caffeine! I don’t know about you, but just the thought of it makes me imagine all the kitty freakouts. Cats are hilarious and they don’t even have to try!

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@kittiesncoffee cats and coffee kitties instagram interview sprudge

Why “kitties” instead of “cats”? “Kitties” is probably cuter isn’t it?

Absolutely! Cuter and it just flows nicely. Kitties ’n Coffee—I like the way it sounds!

What are some of your favorite photos that have been featured recently?

A few of the most recent favorites would be a photo submitted by @luisapedroso and one from @marcel.the.cat. The latter has been the most liked photo to date!

Do you have cats? Do you drink coffee? Do you combine the two and take photos of it?

Yes! I have two cats and most definitely drink coffee. As I mentioned earlier the whole kitties ’n coffee idea just came naturally for me. Whenever I would pour myself a cup of coffee and sit down to enjoy it, one or both of my cats would come and hang out with me. It’s a bonding time over coffee. Purrs are an added bonus! So, of course, I have to snap some pictures to document it!

@kittiesncoffee cats and coffee kitties instagram interview sprudge

If your cat could make a comment about coffee, what do you think it would be?

Have you heard the phrase “If cats could talk they wouldn’t.”? Ha! Anyways, I could totally hear one of my cats saying this (in a British accent): “I wish mah lady would make me a cuppa too! Then she wouldn’t get mad when I put my paw in hers!”

What are some of your sources of inspiration?

Instagram is full of inspiration for me. That was one of the main reasons I joined this social platform—because of endless number of talented people who share their passion via photos.

Though I’d have to say the ocean is my biggest inspiration. I could spend hours and hours just watching the waves crash. It calms the mind, soothes the soul (just like a cat’s purr), and ignites my imagination. If you look at my personal Instagram account this will all make perfect sense!

@kittiesncoffee cats and coffee kitties instagram interview sprudge

@kittiesncoffee cats and coffee kitties instagram interview sprudge

What coffee are you drinking right now?

SLO Roasted Coffee “Morning Fog Lifter”.

Favorite coffee shop?

I don’t necessarily have a favorite coffee shop per se as my favorite thing to do is grab a coffee to go and enjoy it at the beach.

If you could drink coffee with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Jimmy Fallon! Because let’s face it, he is one of the funniest people on earth! I can never hold back a smile and/or laugh whenever I see him perform. So I’d love to share some laughs with that guy over a cup of coffee. Although nothing beats a coffee date with my husband and closest friends.

Anna Brones (@annabrones) is a Sprudge.com staff writer based in the American Pacific Northwest. Read more Anna Brones on Sprudge.

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