Coffee Heists: A Grim Reality In Today’s Mar...

Coffee Heists: A Grim Reality In Today’s Market

As coffee prices climb higher and higher, producers face new threats beyond climate concerns, borer beetles and 2-methoxy-3-isopropyl-pyrazine: an outbreak of gang robberies at origin, involving hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of top crop en route to noted roasters and green buyers. From the Sweet Maria’s Wee-Blog:

We lost 98 bags of coffee (Pulcal – Hacienda Carmona) that was en route from Antigua to the port, just over an hour away. I don’t know the details yet, if the truck was stopped by thieves, or if anyone was hurt.

Tom of Sweet Maria’s tells the story of this most recent heist, and shares a harrowing account from Finca Siberia involving forced confinement, intimidation, and the senseless destruction of Pacamara coffee trees. Read all about it here.



  1. Hiver

    10 May

    I witnessed this sort of thing with Gloria Rodriguez in El Salvador. the robbers actually would go into the farm and strip the branches down. fortunately with a few tips, a dedicated mandador, and a useless police force over 5 quintales were recovered, but had to be received by the mill as generic because of the sorting.
    The coffee was a yellow caturra from Finca Nejapa, Roma micro-lot. then semi-washed. Crazy stuff in Central America…

    • Hiver

      10 May

      The mill also has armed security protecting the mill’s farm and the coffee itself.

  2. schooley

    10 May


    The other account mentioned was at Finca Siberia in El Salvador, not El Injerto in Guatemala.

    This really is disturbing, as security and insurance costs will continue to rise as the market price rises. And even is spending on the security and insurance, the threat of coffee theft is still real, you can’t actually spend that away.

    • Marians

      3 December

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