Chris Tacy’s GodShot: “Cogito Hipster ...

Chris Tacy’s GodShot: “Cogito Hipster Ergo Sum”

A must-read for your Thursday post-humpday blues, this firebrand blog post from noted former coffee guy Chris Tacy casts its animadversion on that most beleagured of modern memes: the hipster. Do you hate them? Do you love them? Are you amongst their ranks? Also, are they ruining coffee?

Take it away, Mr. Tacy:

There were a few years (before hipsters discovered speciality coffee) where it seemed like coffee was about to become about the coffee (rather than the brand and the marketing).

What we are seeing is the coffee version of gentrification. And I’m sure it makes the owners of companies like Stumptown and Blue Bottle very happy – as it is resulting in massive business opportunity.

But it’s making it harder and harder to actually get good coffee – and harder and harder for coffee businesses that are interested first and foremost in coffee and customer experience to succeed.

It’s a heckuva read, and makes use of the term “hipster” 15 distinct times (including the headline). Tacy fears the hipster, their impact on the mainstream market’s buying decisions, and what he suggests is a brand-over-quality blindness.

Does Mr. Tacy sound like the proverbial shotgun wielding “get off my lawn” geriatric? Has Mr. Tacy been living in the Mission District for too long? Go read Chris Tacy’s blog now, then have yourself another Export A and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. Stijn

    10 December

    @Justaphil: You’re my new favorite person of the day.

  2. Justaphil

    6 December

    For the love of Zarathustra! Enough is enough!

    Can we all agree that if someone uses the word hipster, either in writing or in conversation, more than once a day to describe anything other than a specific type of women’s undergarments, that person needs a big hug and a mug of hot chocolate spiked with Xanax? Somebody working in coffee that can’t distinguish between branding and quality products isn’t a hipster; they’re just an arrogant, misinformed narcissist, which is pretty much EVERY PERSON THAT EVER LIVED regardless of age, industry, or facial hair.

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