Starting October 7th, you can get yourself a monthly subscription of coffee from The Coffee Collective in Copenhagen, one of the seminal Third Wave Nordic coffee roasters, shipped directly to your door (almost) anywhere in the world. The Coffee Collective has been quietly shipping their coffees internationally for awhile, with the coffee making sporadic appearances in guest hoppers and discerning kitchens, but Coffee Collective owner Klaus Thomsen is excited to share a new more streamlined approach, including a fast new free shipping option and two subscriptions options, one for espresso and one for filter.

Historically, receiving coffee shipped from Nordic countries has been something of a fraught endeavor, with high costs and frequent delays from customs. Nevertheless, Thomsen says that even when the Coffee Collective webstore was only in Danish, they’d still regularly get orders from Japan and Korea, from South Africa and California. They’ve since launched a new website, with English translation, and found a new shipping method via regular mail, sent as a letter, which has been getting coffee to their global customers in about a week—though they are not able to ship to places like Russia or Brazil who have strict importing rules. They also offer shipping through DHL with tracking, if such things are important to you.

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The new subscriptions will cost DKK 267 ($46, €38) per month, and will include three 250g bags of coffee—two bags of one offering and one bag of another. Thomsen says they will be featuring coffees from their “range of Direct Trade coffees on offer, but occasionally also include exclusive microlots, special roasts or experiments we’ve conducted with farmers.” The coffees will be going out the first Tuesday of every month, nitrogen-flushed in their fancy sustainable bags. The Coffee Collective has actually been nitrogen-flushing all of its bags since they started (who knew!). Thomsen says they do it to make “sure the coffee can de-gas without oxidation. We know our coffee taste amazing for much longer due to this and the light roasts. We stand by 3 months for filter and 6 weeks for espresso.”

You can check out the new global subscription options for yourself at The Coffee Collective webstore.

All imagery courtesy The Coffee Collective.

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