Compañía de Café is a forward-thinking new cafe concept in Los Angeles with LA coffee veteran Percy Ramirez helming the coffee program. Ramirez is bringing all sorts of fascinating new ideas to the endeavour, which you can read about in-depth in our interview here. Some of his best ideas have to do with the inventive iced coffee drinks on the Compañía menu, one of which, the Caifanes, takes iced coffee and infuses it with carbonated aguas frescas.

Make this refreshing drink at home with our exclusive Sprudge recipe:

Cafaines con Jaimaica

First, make your aguas frescas base. We like Bon Apetit’s recipe for Hibiscus Agua Fresca, but to make it true to Compañía de Café’s Cafaines, you’ll have to carbonate the base with a soda siphon or similar.

Then, brew your iced coffee. When we interviewed Percy Ramirez, Compañía de Café was using George Howell’s Costa Rica La Minita. Find a coffee with a maple sweetness, with notes of stone fruit and citrus. Counter Culture Coffee has a great video demonstration for brewing iced coffee. Ramirez brews their iced coffee for the Cafaines a little more concentrated than their normal iced coffee.

Take a tall glass and wet the rim with lime juice. Rim the glass with Tajin seasoning.

Now fill the glass with ice and pour in:

6oz of carbonated aguas frescas base.
3oz of iced coffee

Stir gently with a long spoon, and top with more Tajin if you’d like.



Make it a real experience and pair it with Compañia de Cafés’ Libra Cake de Mole:


Photos courtesy Compañia de Café.