The city of Seattle is still reeling in the wake of last week’s tragedy at Cafe Racer, a beloved University District coffee shop / PBR bar / music venue. We were touched to see some informal fundraising going on at the Caffe Ladro event in Fremont last Thursday night, and now there’s a few upcoming events you Seattleites might consider attending in solidarity with the service workers and cafe patrons caught up in this sadness.

Andrew Swanson, co-founder of Racer Sessions, an ongoing “celebration of improvised music”, plans to hold a special event behind Cafe Racer this Sunday:

Since Cafe Racer is still a crime scene and not open to the public, Swandon says this week’s edition will take place behind the club, in the alley, Sunday at 8 p.m.

“It’s my hope that things will continue on,” Swanson told us. “It’s one of those corny things to say, but those dude would not want us to stop or for that amazing place to shut down on their account. Hopefully we can persist.”

Learn more via the Racer Sessions Facebook listing. And one night later, members of the Seattle busking and circus community (to whom some of the Racer shooting victims had close connections) are holding at event at Hale’s Palladium, a venue space on the Ballard / Fremont borderlands. Learn more from the Stranger, who encourage you to “go early and give a lot.”