Breaking late this afternoon (but in the works for the last few weeks, and achingly difficult to keep quiet), we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that will be working together with the Specialty Coffee Association of America as your official Digital Media Sponsor for the 2013 United States Regional Barista Competition cycle. Expect a marked expansion on our innovative coverage model for all of the 2013 USBC regional events, leading up to the Championship event next April in Boston.

For you, this means we’ll be able to provide you with even better coverage of each of the 2013 Regional events. Expect daily recaps, constant live Twitter updates, wild and wonderful video content, photos, an ever-popular cornucopia of .gif moving images, plus all kinds of other stuff we’ll be rolling out at the first event in the cycle, happening November 2nd-4th in Atlantic City. Regardless of your location on the planet Earth or your ability to attend these events, you’ll be able to follow along with us and stay informed, in living color. Our new collaborative relationship with the SCAA means better coverage for you.

For us, this means improved access throughout the USBC competition cycle. Our new collaborative relationship with the SCAA means we’ll get to help these events grow and flourish. We’ll be taking an active roll soliciting the interest and involvement of outside media sources, with the goal of growing these events and seeing them covered by a wide variety of press. We believe in these events, and we’ll continue to document them in a way that expresses that to the utmost of our ability and work / sleep ratio.

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Our designation as official Digital Media Sponsors (with capital letters at the start of each word!) means we get to do the same job we did last year, only better. As our coverage improves, the real story of the United States Barista Championship – the competitors, the coffees, and the remarkable culture that surrounds specialty coffee – will be fully documented in a way that expresses how rich, vibrant, and charmingly unique these competitions truly are.

We’re just delighted and we can’t wait to bring all this great content to you, throughout the full span of the 2013 USBC cycle. While we wait for Atlantic City, relive our groundbreaking coverage of the 2012 USBC competition cycle by clicking here the links below. Do we sound stoked? We are really stoked.

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