Happening tomorrow, August 8th, the city of Berekely will play host to Game Two of the Bay Area Coffee Community’s Latte Art Series. The event goes down at 6pm atย Local 123 (2049 San Pablo Avenue), and the buy-in to pour is just $5. Competitors in the BACC Latte Art Series compete in an aggregated points format, with top scores carrying over from month to month, all leading up to a series finale in December at Four Barrel Coffee.

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Here’s a complete schedule for BACC Season Two!


Top prizes include a UNIC Rumba Home Espresso Machine, sweet Baratza grinders, admission to the Fall 2013 Camp Pull A Shot session, awesome Espresso Parts trophies, and an exclusive featurette on Plus there’s going to be a taco truck, and Local 123 is an awesome cafe space.

Follow BACC on Twitter – @HelloBACC – and keep up with them on Facebook for updates. Read more about why BACC loves Local 123 here on the official BACC website! is the proud and exclusive OmniMedia Platinum Sponsor of the Bay Area Coffee Community.ย Read more BACC coverage on Sprudge here!

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