Oh hey, look at that! Official Espresso Machine Sponsor Nuova Simonelli has surprised many with the choice to place their brand new Victoria Arduino Black Eagle espresso machines on the barista stations at the 2015 Big Western Regional Barista Competition. Surprise, baristas!

We approached Nuova Simonelli’s Gianni Cassatini about the switch from Aurealia T3s to Black Eagles here at the Rancho Mirage Omni Resort. He told Sprudge that the decision to make the switch was made over the weekend. “The baristas deserve a new machine,” he said. When asked if he thought baristas would be worried about the change, he assured us that “baristas should have no problem. Internally it’s like a T3.”


We asked Northwest Regional barista competitors Brandon Paul Weaver and Cole McBride for their thoughts on the change. “I think they’re beautiful,” Weaver said, “If they work well, I’m not worried about it! Some advance noticed would’ve been nice, though.”


“I think it makes sense that a espresso machine designed by barista competitors is being used at a barista competition,” McBride said, citing the expertise of baristas like James Hoffmann, who helped design the Black Eagle.

We have confirmed with Nuova Simonelli and the SCAA that the machines will be used at all regionals and the 2015 United States Barista Championship in February.