Birds of Unusual Vitality Volume Two on display at Intelligentsia in Chicago (it’s the third from the left up top).

Eileen P. Kenny is the talented photographer and writer behind the coffee web’s premiere interview magazine, Birds of Unusual Vitality. She is also Sprudge.com Melbourne desk, and we recently partnered with her to publish Birds of Unusual Vitality Vol. 2, a compilation of engaging interviews with coffee folk from around the globe. This book is now available for sale in Melbourne, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City. The book, the first Sprudge Publishing imprint, has interviews with gorgeous photos taken on Kodak Portra 120 film with a Hasselblad 500C camera.

Birds of Unusual Vitality Volume Two on display at Go Get Em Tiger (via Instagram)

The book is available in North America exclusively at Go Get Em Tiger (LA), Intelligentsia Logan Square (Chicago), and Everyman Espresso (NYC). In Melbourne you can find it at Everyday Coffee and Assembly. This marks the first time ever a Sprudge-branded product has been sold at a coffee bar. If you can’t walk over and pick up a copy in those cafes, BoUVV2 is available online.

advert but first coffee cookbook now available


Birds of Unusual Vitality Volume Two on display at Everyman Espresso (via Instagram)

More on the book from our original announcement:

Birds Volume 2 features interviews with Sean Bonner, Tim Wendelboe, Ricardo Zelaya, Jose Aguilar, Erin McCarthy, and more, with foreword by Peter Giuliano. Eileen P. Kenny is the founder and editor of Birds of Unusual Vitality, and a Sprudge.com staff writer based in Melbourne.

Birds of Unusual Vitality Volume 2 is designed by Aaron Maxwell of Everyday Coffee, and will be printed in Melbourne by Moule Print. The book’s launch coincides with the 2014 Australian AeroPress Championship at Filter, happening on Friday, May 16th beginning at 7pm. Join us at this event for music, the pressing of Aeros, and to pick up your copy of Birds Vol. 2 signed by the author.

This is a very limited first printing. Run, don’t walk, to get yours today.

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