Have you ever woken up from an all night bender, hazy and disoriented, unable to free yourself from the safety of your bed? Never mind pouring concentric circles into a Chemex, the room is already moving in concentric circles. You want to scream, “coffee!” and it just happens. And if you live in solitude or the person you are cohabiting with is in a further state of disrepair than you are, coffee isn’t just happening. Unless you have the new Behmor Connected Brewer. With its Amazon connectivity, you can just say, “Alexa, start brewing my coffee,” and boom—you’ve got coffee.

The Connected Brewer is the “world’s first SCA-approved smart brewer,” according to a Behmor press release. The eight-cup brewer can control temperature to 1°F and can range from 190 to 210°. It also has a programmable pre-soak/bloom and can be controlled from a phone app.

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But more importantly, it’s got voice control. When paired with Amazon Echo, you can yell at your coffee maker and it will respond. What’s more, the Connected Brewer also utilizes Amazon Dash and can reorder you coffee when you’re running low.

The Behmor Connected Brewer runs $199, which is on par with other SCA-approved automatic home brewers, and can be purchased through Amazon (no doi).

I’m more or a manual pour-over person myself, but if after a night of tying one on (or two or three) I can just say, “start brewing my coffee” with minimal additional effort, then I’d gladly pay $200.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

*top image via Behmor

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