Day One – March 23rd, 16 competitors from beginning at 11:50 AM.

There are two different regions competing today, fielding two distinct sets of finalists. There are 10 North Central competitors today, and 6 from South Central. North Central entrants will be noted as NC, South Central as SC.

1. 11:50 Allie VanHyfte, Greyhouse Coffee & Supply Co., West Lafayette, IN (NC) @greyhousecoffee

2. 12:09 Dayna James, Avoca Coffee, Fort Worth, TX (SC) @avocacoffee

3. 12:28 Blair Bachman, Victory 44, MPLS (NC) @Victory_44

4. 12:47 Zaida Dedolph, Frank, Austin (SC) @hotdogscoldbeer

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5. 1:06 Shannon Steele, Passion House Coffee, Chicago (NC) @steeleknuckles, @phcoffeeroaster

6. 1:25 Chris Glasow, Zingerman’s Coffee Co., Ann Arbor (NC) @zingermancoffee

7. 1:44 Alex Johnson, Quixotic Coffee, St. Paul, MN (NC) @behindthebrew, @quixotic_coffee

8. 2:03 Stacey Wieck, MadCap Coffee, Grand Rapids, MI (NC) @staceylynn1221, @madcapcoffee

9. 2:22 Josh Wismans, Alterra Coffee, Milwaukee (NC) @joshwismans, @alterracoffee

10. 2:41 Caitlin Corcoran, Paris Brothers, Kansas City, MO (SC) @caitcork, @pariscoffee

11. 3:00 Joshua Longsdorf, Anthology Coffee, Detroit (NC) @joshualongsdorf, @anthologycoffee

12. 3:19 Lorenzo Perkins, Cuvee Coffee Roasters, Austin (SC) @lorenzoperkins, @cuveecoffee

13. 3:38 Talya Strader, Intelligentsia Coffee, Chicago (NC) @talyastrader, @intelligentsia

14. 3:57 Matthew Scott, Lemonjello’s Coffee, Holland, MI (NC) @lemonjello

15. 4:16 Anya Pomykala, Zingerman’s Coffee, Ann Arbor (NC) @zingermancoffee

16. 4:35 Nora Brady, Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Co., St. Louis, MO SC @kaldis_coffee

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