We’ve got a pretty fun series of interviews to share with you today, all sourced from the Barista Nation Satellite Cafe that happened at the 2013 SCAA Event. An important part of the Satellite Cafe was a series of Barista Nation Talks, with speakers from throughout various parts of the industry. These videos were filmed for Barista Nation by Christina Furr, of Cup of Texas.  A full list of the videos is available here, but we’ll share three of them we especially liked.

First up, the remarkable Helen Russell of Equator Coffees and Teas, who delivered a talk similar to the one we covered at her Barista Nation San Francisco appearance. Helen asked the crowd, “Do I look like a barista to you? Underneath this jacket is many many tattoos that I’ll show you later, to confirm that I was a barista who got up at 4:30 in the morning and made great coffee.” Here’s her complete talk, where she goes into detail about her remarkable work with producers in Panama:

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Next, we’re always ready to listen when two-time USBC champ Heather Perry speaks. Her talk, titled “Leaving Money On The Counter”, is based on Heather’s years of experience running her family’s business, Klatch Roasting. Klatch ahs with several cafe locations in Southern California (and a new shop at Terminal 7 in LAX). Here’s Heather:

Last, we’ve seen Clayton Jones of UNIC speak at several Barista Nation events around the country, and we’ve grown to really enjoy his conversational and genuine approach to discussing the UNIC line of espresso machines. Clayton’s talk is titled “How Your Machines Make It Happen” – Barista Nation SCAA was also the launch of UNIC’s brand new Stella DCL.

There’s lots more great talks available via the Barista Nation Youtube page – check them out right here.

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