Area cafe Color Bars Coffee has gone ahead and changed its wifi password, sources tell Sprudge. The previous password was “coffee”—but the o was a zero and the e’s threes, making for “c0ff33” with no spaces or capitals. Now, the password is “Colombia” and the C is capitalized and the I is a one and the o’s are zeroes, making it “C0l0mb1a”.

“We change the password about once every couple weeks,” cafe manager Matilda Mackenzie explains. “Sometimes it frustrates regulars, but then they come back up and ask.”

“I always explain the password the same way,” barista Scout Belcher says. “I say it’s Colombia, like the country? Where they grow coffee? So there’s actually an o instead of u, and then, you know, the o’s are actually zeroes and the I is a one. The C is capitalized because it’s a country.”

A regular, Jeremy Wiggins, dished to Sprudge that he has personally heard Belcher recite this monologue 20 times in the last hour. “It’s kind of surreal,” Wiggins tells us. “Somehow their voice carries over the entire cafe, even when it’s full.”

Color Bars Coffee owners Stretch and Becky Sampson declined to comment.

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