This ain’t your grandpa’s pre-ground coffee. On September 28th, Blue Bottle announced the launch of Blue Bottle Perfectly Ground, individually sealed single-serving packages of pre-ground coffee.

Blue Bottle Perfectly Ground comes in a variety of blends and rotating assortments, and will be made in different grind sizes optimized for “Pour Over, French press, Aeropress, and Coffee Maker preparations.” Each coffee is ground, portioned out for the particular brew method, and then packaged in a “zero-oxygen environment” to prevent oxidation, the process that causes coffee to go stale. Blue Bottle Perfectly Ground will be sold in all their cafes and online and retails for $17.50 per five-serving pack.

From the press release:

Blue Bottle Coffee is proud to announce the launch of Blue Bottle Perfectly Ground – an impeccable ground coffee that has all of the delicious complexity of freshly ground Blue Bottle beans – available October 4, 2016. Any coffee company can tell you: grinding beans directly before brewing is one of the most important steps in making a delicious cup of coffee. But now, after 14 years of using only whole beans, Blue Bottle will launch a new ground coffee to guests thanks to our invention (patent–pending) that stops the clock on coffee’s aging.

For the first time, it’ll be easier (and more delicious) than ever to brew superlative coffee at home with the same unwaveringly high standards of quality, freshness, and flavor that Blue Bottle Coffee guests know, love, and depend on. Now, with the impending launch of Blue Bottle Perfectly Ground, James Freeman is revolutionizing the coffee industry with a ready-to-brew coffee that tastes like it was ground just moments ago. Getting more people delicious coffee without compromising flavor has been a pillar of Blue Bottle Coffee’s identity since inception. Now everyone can easily prepare the most delicious cup of coffee at home – close to the standards of an award-winning barista – simply by tearing open an envelope and following Blue Bottle Perfectly Ground’s simple instructions.

The press release continues:

This wholly new endeavor began in February 2015 when Blue Bottle Coffee joined forces with Perfect Coffee. Perfect Coffee founder Neil Day has since joined Blue Bottle as Vice President of Technology. Day had developed a proprietary process that hermetically sealed the flavor and freshness of just-ground coffee. Utilizing this technology to seal in peak flavor and all of its attendant beauty in one simple envelope, Blue Bottle Perfectly Ground is revolutionizing the coffee industry with ready-to-brew coffee that tastes like it was ground just moments ago.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

*top image via Blue Bottle

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