Hot on the heels of a rebrand and the opening of a US showroom, the Hemro Group is already making moves. Anfim, the Italian grinder manufacturer under the Hemro umbrella, has announced the latest edition to their commercial product line, the Luna. Combining German engineered precision burrs and modern tech enhancements, the Luna “caters to commercial coffee professionals looking for best value performance in espresso grinding.”

Designed and built at Anfim’s Milan headquarters, the Luna comes equipped with “newly developed” 65mm hardened steel flat burrs from sister company Mahlkönig and a stepless adjustment for fine-tuning dial-ins. Topping out at 1,800RPM, the Luna can produce as much as 3.6g of ground coffee per second, or as the product sheet notes, roughly one single espresso every 2.5 seconds. And thanks to a 3.5” touchscreen display—which Anfim states is open interface and able to be used with third-part content—users can select between four different programmable recipes as well as “track and explore a breadth of statistical usage metrics.” There’s also a “basic mode,” which only allows those with password access to change the grind settings.

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More than just flashy tech, Anfim’s newest grinder has the user in mind, specifically the one involved in running a high-volume cafe. The Luna incorporates “simple service access” to all frequently serviced parts that can be repaired or replaced without a complete grinder disassembly. Additionally, the spout is easily removable, allowing for easy cleaning and adjusting to ensure a centered dosing into the portafilter.

Per the announcement, the Luna is just the first product in Anfim’s portfolio of new commercial coffee grinders they will be releasing in the future. The release date, along with the price point, for the Luna have yet to be announced. For more information, visit Anfim’s official website.

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