Santa Rosa Beach, FL, January 12, 2022: Amavida means “love life”, and, since its founding in 2004 Amavida Coffee Roasters has done just that. Today, Amavida is thrilled to be announced as a part of the newly selected winners of Real Leaders’ 2022 Top Impact Companies from around the world. Along with 200 leading companies, Amavida has been recognized for their inspiring sustainable and socially responsible business practices.

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Real Leaders is the world’s first sustainable business and leadership magazine which aims to inspire better leaders for a world contingent on sustainability in order to heal, grow and prosper. Mark Van Ness, Founder of Real Leaders, says:

“Business leaders across the globe are rapidly discovering that to be competitive–and to grow and thrive–they must forgo shortsighted thinking in favor of a farsighted vision that takes into account their company’s social and environmental impact.”

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Amavida recognizes this with resilience and continues to show that coffee can be a catalyst to create positive change. They are always striving toward their vision, to be recognized as a leader for the coffee industry for its coffee producers, customers, and employees. To achieve this they work with great devotion to help producers better their lives and bring value to their customers. As part of this commitment the company has become a Certified B Corp and a FL Benefit Corporation. They also maintain Organic, Fair Trade, GMP, HACCP and similar certifications.

This organization has a heart that beats for its people, starting with coffee farmers. Living income for farm work begins with better than fair pricing. As an importer, roaster and purveyor of sustainable specialty coffee, the company provides farm-level transparency, long-term relationships and business credit to support year-long financial stability and farm improvements. Looking beyond the bean, Amavida also invests and supports sustainable community development related to education, health, gender, equity, strong families, and access to water and sanitation (via On The Ground Global).

Through passion and education, Amavida’s employees embody the company’s culture, which promotes healthy living and quality of life for its workforce. Amavida has barista training and professional development programs that guarantee opportunities for their staff (and clients) to learn coffee craft. These career pathways are designed for employees to succeed and grow within the company.

Future goals entail seeking more sustainable banking services, improving supply alignment and strengthening procurement practices. Additionally, Amavida is implementing on-site solar power in partnership with Optimus Solar. They have also committed to learning and adopting water conservation and waste management practices.

For the full scoop on Amavida’s ongoing impact, check out their 2021-2022 B Corp Sustainability Report.

* As an Amavida employee, I have grown to love this company and its people. Truly, this is a company worth working for. As one of 200 top impact companies, all of us at Amavida are thankful and motivated to strive towards environmental sustainability and, ultimately, building a better world.

Sincerely, Courtney Foth

This press release was provided to Sprudge for Sprudge Press Releases. Interested in submitting a press release? Get in touch!