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For a complete list of cafes (in list form!) click here.

If you have trouble viewing the map below, check out this version.

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This weekend more than 800 cafes are joining us in raising funds for the American Civil Liberties Union. We launched with matching sponsorships for the first 26 coffee companies that joined us in this effort, and now coffee companies have joined in to help match for hundreds more.

We’ve built this searchable map to help you find a participating cafe in your area. If you’re going all-in on a crawl in your area, be sure to make a photo collage of your receipts and share it with us @Sprudge on Twitter and Instagram. We’re going to be giving out some hefty merch bounties (including signed and rare items) for especially impressive receipts.

Drink coffee, support the ACLU. Learn more about their non-partisan mission here. And if there’s not a cafe in your area, or you don’t have time for this mishegas, consider donating directly.THANK YOU.

For a city searchable map, visit this map created by Cynthia Andrews.

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