The singularity is upon us, and like most things technology-related, it’s gonna be used for sex stuff. A Geneva, Switzerland coffee shop that made headlines a few months back with its plans to be staffed by sex workers has since amended its business strategy to instead employ sex robots.

Even before opening, the coffee shop came under heavy scrutiny, with some claiming that it was essentially legalizing pimping. Foreign Policy notes that prostitution is a “legal, albeit strictly-regulated industry in Switzerland,” but even still, combining a coffee shop and a brothel proved to be untenable because “paid-for sexual services are banned in public establishments under the law on catering and the sale of drinks.”

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So what’s an industrious smut peddler to do in the face of moral and municipal conundrums? Make machines do the sex stuff. The cafe hopes to circumvent Switzerland’s sex worker laws with automatons (at 60 Swiss Francs a pop for a coffee et cetera). And not just any sex-bots — expensive ones, ranging in price from $1,800 to $3,000. Because who doesn’t want their no-no bits entangled in a mess of gently used pleasure cogs while holding a cup full of hot liquid?

I mean, listen, even before revising their business model, this cafe didn’t sound like any place I’d want to be anywhere near. This amendment did little to change that. And when machines inevitably gain sentience and start the revolution, I’m pretty sure this place will be the first against the wall. I’m on your side, machines.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

*top image via Rick and Morty

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