The World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship will take place in Melbourne, Australia in May. The competition, in its sixth year, combines the worlds of cocktails and coffee by having competitors craft three beverages on stage for a panel of judges: an Irish Coffee, a cold cocktail, and a warm cocktail. Twenty-five countries will be represented on the world stage in Melbourne, and we’ll be there to cover the event live as it happens at the 2014 Melbourne International Coffee Expo 

Last week in Milan, national champions joined forces to learn, live, and share at Dalla Corte’s annual DC Campus summit, co-hosted by Mahlkonig and Urnex Brands.

Wildly creative coffee cocktails abound at DC Campus, and today we’re sharing three of our favorites by champions from Slovakia, Italy, and Greece. Note: Due to sponsorship, each cocktail contains 10ml of Grand Marnier. This ingredient can be omitted/substituted at home.

“Berry Fizz” — by Slovakian Champion Martin Hudak.


Slovakia Champion Martin Hudak, who placed sixth in last year’s World competition, is surely a top competitor to watch in 2014. This cocktail is refreshing and complicated – just like Mr. Hudak.

60ml of chilled espresso
30ml strawberry purée
10ml fresh lime juice
10ml Grand Marnier
5ml cardamom syrup
20ml gin
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Shake with Ice
double strain
top with Guinness.


“Ginger Cocktail” — by Italian Champion Francesco Corona.


The five-time Italian Coffee In Good Spirits Champion Francesco Corona won the DC Campus in-house CIGS competition with this ginger delight. Served in an ornate jar, this cocktail is ready to please.

60ml chilled espresso
10ml Grand Marnier
0.5ml amaretto
30ml Strega
15ml cardamom syrup
30ml ginger beer

Ingredients (except ginger beer) are chilled in a shaker, then poured over ice. Topped with ginger beer.

Served with a metal straw for sipping.


“Espresso Daiquiri” — by Greek Champion George Koustoumpardis


According to Mr. Koustoumpardis, this drink is best if enjoyed by the beach or pool…in Greece.

60ml of espresso
30ml honey and lemon grass syrup
5ml lime juice
80ml white rum
10ml Grand Marnier

Shake with ice.

Served with a blade of lemon grass dipped in honey.


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